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Personal Pay Loan

How Do I Choose the Right Investment Mix?

A: This is one of my favourite questions, because it actually has a standard answer.

If you've read my other posts, you'll know that oftentimes investing questions have no clear cut answer that can apply for everyone. There's rarely one solution, and we're often left choosing between one seemingly good option over another. The challenge is that when presented with two good options (like paying down your mortgage versus saving for retirement), sometimes we spend way too much time trying to choose the perfect option rather than just choosing either of the two options and doing it.

When it comes to choosing the ideal investment mix in your portfolio, there's a handy rule of thumb that I find really helps: 100 minus your age. But first, a quick refresher.

Asset Class Refresher

Let's start by remembering that there are three main types of asset classes to invest in, each serving a different purpose in your portfolio.

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